Appian® 6" x 6" & 6" x 9" Prest® Brick Chiseled Finish

Shown in South Mountain Sand.

6" x 6" x 2 38" & 6" x 9" x 2 38"

PCS PER SF : 3.64, 2.42
SF PER STRAP : 13.75, 20.7
PCS PER CUBE : 350, 250
SF PER CUBE : 96.25, 103.5
SF PER TRUCK : 1636.25, 1656
LBS PER CUBE : 2605, 2850

Chocolate / Tan Blend

Gettysburg Gray

South Mountain Sand



A Chiseled texture is applied to each brick yielding a slightly chipped surface and rough, distressed edges. The appearance of hand chiseled craftsmanship adds unique character to Hanover’s Appian® 6” x 6”, 6” x 9”, Mixed and Random Prest® Brick. Appian® Prest® Brick with a Chiseled finish are stocked in four subtle earth tone color blends – Chocolate/Tan Blend, South Mountain Sand, Gettysburg Gray and Salmon/Charcoal Blend.

Sizes shown are nominal. Products are made to fit metric modules. Refer to the Technical Guide for additional size, color and packaging information. Sizes can be laid together or individually. Mixed is designed to be installed randomly or in a non-repeating pattern. Review all laying information. A 3” thickness is available on special order when quantities permit. Hanover’s blended colors consist of several shades and will include some blended and some solid pieces.

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