Chapel Stone® Firepit Kit - Round

Shown in Canyon Blend.

Chapel Stone® Firepit Kit Round

60 Chapel Stone® Units 2 13⁄16"
1 Stainless Steel Grate, 1 Steel Insert
36 FireBrick (yellow bricks inside)
8 FireBrick Wedges
1 FireBrick 4 x 4, 1 FireBrick 2 x 8

Concrete Adhesive is sold separately;
4 - 5 10 oz. tubes are needed per kit.

Tan Blend

Gray Blend

Canyon Blend


Hanover® can now provide Firepit Kits. Two kits are available – a round Firepit Kit constructed with Chapel Stone® and a square Firepit Kit constructed with Ammon’s Wall®. Packaged on pallets, Hanover® Firepit Kits allow you to quickly and easily beautify your backyard with a new firepit.

Sizes shown are nominal. Products are made to fit metric modules. Refer to the Technical Guide for additional size, color and packaging information. Hanover’s blended colors consist of several shades and will include some blended and some solid pieces.

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