At Home with Hanover®

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Hanover® has specialized in manufacturing paving materials since 1971. Outdoor living spaces are an important asset, increasing the value of a home as well as reclaiming unused lawn areas. Hanover’s extensive line of paving products truly completes your home and landscaping. From small hand-held brick to larger scaled pavers, Hanover® Prest® Brick, Patio Pavers, and Garden Walls are available in a wide selection of sizes, styles, and colors. No other company can offer the superior quality and complete selection of pavers, bricks, and walls that Hanover® can. Hanover’s reputation stands solid with exceptional product performance and outstanding customer service.

Maintenance Guidelines

When Hanover® products are installed properly, they require very little maintenance and provide an attractive and durable surface for many years. Under normal use, pavers will be exposed to dirt, stains, and wear that is common to all types of pavement surfaces. This guide will assist you in maintaining your pavers’ original appearance and will prolong the life of the installation. This is only a guide. If you have a condition that is not mentioned in the following instructions, please contact a Hanover® Sales Representative for more information