Hanover® Sealers


Unit pavers are designed to be a low maintenance investment. However, pavers may be sealed for preservation or color enhancement.

Hanover® suggests a complete paver cleaning prior to sealing. Major stains must first be removed with specialized cleaner designed for the type of stain, followed by a cleaning of the entire area with a general cleaner. It is best to seal pavers soon after they have been thoroughly cleaned.

Pavers and joints must be completely dry, clean and free of oil, grease, dust, dirt, sand, efflorescence and frost. It is advised that sealers not be applied when temperatures are below 50ºF. Hanover® Sealers softly enhance or deepen color depending on type of sealer used.

Sealers provide excellent protection from water, alkalis, acids, air borne pollutants and ultraviolet light, making pavers easier to clean.


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