Halifax® Flagstone 12" x 12"

    12" x 12" x 3"

    PCS PER SF: 1
    SF PER STRAP: 24
    PCS PER CUBE: 96
    SF PER CUBE: 96
    SF PER TRUCK: 1344
    LBS PER CUBE: 3120

    Hanover’s Halifax® Flagstone pavers create a natural effect at its best. Whether you are contemplating an inviting garden path or a quiet landscaped patio, Halifax® Flagstone is the perfect choice. A cleft surface and a wider joint style complete the rustic look.

    These pavers simulate the contours of rustic stone on the tops and sides. Because the top surface has high and low points, it is recommended that pavers be protected before tamping during installation. It is suggested that polymeric sand be used for joint filling. Several color blends are available which can be used separately or combined.





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    The 12” x 12” is packaged separately. It can be used alone or in combination with the other 3 sizes. Sizes shown are nominal. Products are made to fit metric modules. Refer to the Technical Guide for additional size, color and packaging information. Hanover’s blended colors consist of several shades and will include some blended and some solid pieces. Halifax® Flagstone is designed to be installed randomly or in a non-repeating pattern. Before ordering make sure you have selected the correct proportion of Halifax® Flagstone 12” x 12” pieces according to the effect you wish to achieve. Joints should be filled with a suitable polymeric sand which is specially formulated for the filling of wide joints when installing pavers. Unlike traditional sand, polymeric sand stays in place and remains stable; effectively resisting erosion caused by water, frost, wind, etc. Contact Hanover® for more information.

    Pavers with profiled tops are most susceptible to harm from plate compactors. These pavers have high and low points molded into the surface, which prevent the equipment from riding flat and subject the high points to potential scuffs. However, even smooth, flat surfaces can be harmed with improper usage or the existence of debris on the plate. To help minimize the scuffing of the profiled surface, it is important to have adequate sand on the surface prior to tamping. Hanover® recommends the use of a plate tamper with a rubber mat attachment.