Chapel Stone® Step Block

18" x 24", 18" x 36"



SF PER CUBE : 21, 31.5

LBS PER CUBE : 1350, 2042

Hanover’s Garden and Landscape Walls can add beauty, charm and value to your landscaping. Walling can add so much to the landscaping theme. It adds detail and interest to the project, as well as, plant and bedding areas. Manufactured from high density concrete to obtain compressive strengths equal to natural stone, Hanover’s walls have low water absorption to ensure a long lasting installation. Hanover® has researched unique aggregate and color blending so that the pieces truly become natural stone walling.

Sizes shown are nominal. Products are made to fit metric modules. Refer to the Technical Guide for additional size, color and packaging information. Hanover’s blended colors consist of several shades and will include some blended and some solid pieces. Contact Hanover® for proper installation methods.

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