Appian® 6

6" x 6" x 2 38" & 6" x 9" x 2 38"


PCS PER SF : 3.64, 2.42

PCS PER STRAP : 13.75, 20.7

PCS PER CUBE : 350, 250

SF PER CUBE : 96.25, 103.5

SF PER TRUCK : 1540, 1552.5

LBS PER CUBE : 2795, 2965

Hanover’s Appian® Prest® Brick with Natural finish add a cobbled charm to any paving project. With antiqued top edges, square, rectangular and wedge brick shapes are available in several blended colors. Wedge shaped pavers form circles of various sizes. Curves, arcs and circles create interest and focus attention to a particular area of the project. The Appian® System is also available with a Tumbled or Chiseled finish. Color blends can also be combined during installation giving each project its own unique look.

Sizes shown are nominal. Products are made to fit metric modules. Refer to the Technical Guide for additional size, color and packaging information. Sizes can be laid together or individually. A 3” thickness is available on special order when quantities permit. Hanover’s blended colors consist of several shades and will include some blended and some solid pieces. Review all laying information.

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