About Us

Why We do What We Do

At Hanover®, we believe that we’re stronger, smarter and better together. That’s why we seize opportunities to partner with our customers and create extraordinary projects. One of the central principles of our company culture is to “work for and love the success of others.” What that really means to us is that, internally or externally, we seek fulfillment in the accomplishments of our peers and partners.

How do we do that?

We listen to our customers, we let customer feedback drive our passion to be change makers, we partner with outside independent representation to expand coverage, and we tell the truth, always.


About Hanover® Architectural Products

Hanover® has specialized in manufacturing paving materials since 1971. Outdoor living spaces are an important asset, increasing the value of a home as well as reclaiming unused lawn areas. Hanover's extensive line of paving products truly completes your home and landscaping. From a small hand held brick to larger scaled pavers, Hanover® Prest® Brick, Patio Pavers and Garden Walls are available in a wide selection of sizes, styles and colors.

No other company can offer the superior quality and complete selection of pavers, bricks and walls that Hanover® can. Hanover's reputation stands solid with exceptional product performance and outstanding customer service.


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